An Expert in Revit, AutoCAD/ Drafting, Adobe and Microsoft Programs

Elexia Bantum is very passionate about sports

Elexia Bantum from Georgia is in Software Development for Many Years


Elexia Bantum is a proficient Software Professional based in Georgia. She possesses in-depth knowledge of Computer Aided Design and Architectural Drafting & Conceptual Design. She also has good hands on software including Revit, Microsoft office tools such as Word, PowerPoint, and Excel. Besides this, she holds specialization in architectural services such as blueprint reading, hand drafting, and design – illustration, Illustrator and software applications graphics Adobe.

She is a dedicated and creative professional who aims at providing the best services to the organization. Her aim is to use her skills in the best manner to become a successful employee and gain profit for the company. Her good communication skills also help her in her profession, as she comfortably and confidently communicate with her colleagues. For different projects, she has to interact with technical as well as non-technical team to plan the strategy for the completion of the task.

Elexia Bantum from Georgia is a well known among her colleagues for her professional knowledge. She has worked on different projects related to design of buildings and urban landscapes. Her 2D and 3D drawing skills help her in developing the drawings in accurate measures. To deliver the best designs, she makes use of her good professional knowledge of the latest designs, styles, and trends. With a detailed approach for her work, she is easily able to find out the mistakes and set them right. For her performance, she is listed among the responsible and hard-working professionals in the company.

Prior to this, she worked as the Shift Manager/Team Leader for a reputed company. In this company, her responsibility was to lead the team of cashiers, cut shifts, present orders to customers and properly pack the orders. Besides this, she also served a leading company where she had different role and liabilities. She was responsible for troubleshooting the problems. Labeling the products, stocking, sorting, stacking, packaging and loading and unloading the products.

When Elexia Bantum is free from her work in Georgia, she likes to indulge in various games and activities. She loves to play different sports since her childhood, and was the captain of the basketball team in her school. Her favorite games are puzzles, basketball, tennis, dominoes, and more. She also likes to go for riding bikes, nature trails, and traveling. She has great interest in traveling new places with her friends and family. In addition, she loves going to the gym as she is a fitness enthusiast. Daily exercise helps her in staying active and focused while working in office.

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