An Expert in Revit, AutoCAD/ Drafting, Adobe and Microsoft Programs

Elexia Bantum is very passionate about sports

Elexia Bantum Holds Years of Experience in CAD Software

Elexia Bantum is a qualified and experienced CAD professional with years of experience based in Georgia. She attended Westwood College to study Computer Aided Design, Architectural Drafting and Conceptual Design. She has a strong analytical mind that allows her to instantly find solution to the problems. She has the capability to work in a team or on her own, without any supervision required. In her profession, she follows detailed approach in her profession, to find out if there is any error.

She possesses profound knowledge of architectural services including hand drafting, blueprint reading, designing through Illustrator, Photoshop and Software Applications Graphics Adobe. She also holds expertise in CAD/Architectural Drafting Software, Revit, Microsoft word, Excel and PowerPoint. Besides this, she also has specialization in email marketing, professional sales, product marketing, social media marketing/networking, market research, and event planning and account management.

With years of experience, Elexia Bantum has developed in-depth knowledge of designing. She has comprehensive understanding of 2d and 3d designs used in residential as well as commercial projects. She understands the details of designing and stores the best designs for future projects. Before initiating the project, she meets the client to understand the requirements in detail. Her aim is to meet the client’s expectations and bring the best results for the company.

She possesses an updated knowledge of all the software, as she keeps a track of the updates in her field. For her professional knowledge, she is well known among her colleagues and clients. Besides this, she has good communication skills that allow her to interact with technical, non-technical staff and customers as well. She is well known among all her clients and customers. For her work performance, she was awarded with the Best employee award by the company.

Elexia Bantum has a small family including her mother (Veronica Bantum), father (George Bantum), sisters Erica Bantum and Amy Bantum. In her leisure time, she loves to spend quality time with her family members. She likes to visit different places with her family, especially going to Six Flags and comedy clubs. She also enjoys watching scary movies, going for riding bikes, playing dominoes, cards and more such games.

She is a benevolent person who loves to help others. As a responsible person of the society, she likes to pay back to the community. She is a part of different charitable organizations that enables her to help the needy. She tries her best to help the underprivileged by providing them the things that are essential for comfortable living.

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