An Expert in Revit, AutoCAD/ Drafting, Adobe and Microsoft Programs

Elexia Bantum is very passionate about sports

Elexia Bantum from Georgia is Well-Versed in CAD

Elexia Bantum from Georgia is an experienced professional in architectural design. She studied Computer Aided Design, Architectural Drafting and Conceptual Design at Westwood College. She is technically skilled and has in-depth knowledge of Revit, Microsoft Word, Excel, and PowerPoint, Illustrator, Photoshop, Blueprint Reading, and more. She also has expertise in product marketing, market research, social media marketing/networking, professional sales, account management, event planning, and email marketing.

Elexia Bantum from Georgia is a dedicated professional who aims at obtaining a rewarding career with a prominent company where she can enhance her skills to reach new heights in her profession. In her office, she is responsible for drafting the drawing before executing the plan directly onto the software. She is well-versed in 2D and 3D drawings and has a detailed approach to her work. Before moving to the final stage of the project, she ensures that the drawings are correct. Through the years, she has developed enough experience to solve all problems in time and to get the best results.

Besides this, she is a well-known professional among her colleagues for her great communication skills. Despite her hectic schedule, she is friendly with everyone and is always ready to help other employees with their work. She aims at providing others with the best solutions. She has good relationships with technical, as well as non-technical staff. She is also known among her seniors, for her professional knowledge and high-quality work.

In her leisure time, Elexia Bantum from Georgia likes to indulge in various activities including basketball, puzzles, tennis, nature trails, swimming, riding bikes, playing cards, dominoes, and traveling. She enjoys playing any kind of sport, and she especially likes being outdoors. Besides this, she loves going to the gym as she is a fitness enthusiast. According to her, daily exercise helps her stay focused on her work.

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