An Expert in Revit, AutoCAD/ Drafting, Adobe and Microsoft Programs

Elexia Bantum is very passionate about sports

Elexia Bantum from Georgia Holds Expertise in CAD Software

Elexia Bantum from Georgia has extensive knowledge in design and architecture. With her knowledge of Computer Aided Design Software, she has served various companies. She holds expertise in Photoshop, illustrator, software applications, graphics, adobe, Revit, and Microsoft Word, Excel, and PowerPoint. At Westwood College in Atlanta, she was the head of the AutoCAD club and graduated with an Associate's Degree in Computer Aided Design/Architectural Drafting.

She collects data and incorporates this information into drawings, schematics, and maps. She also gathers construction site reports, and makes weight, volume, and stress calculations for the materials to be used. To get the best results, she has to visualize, design and document a wide assortment of tools, manufactured products and buildings using AutoCAD software. Besides this, she has the responsibility of computing mathematical formulas, consulting specifications and reviewing preliminary sketches to create more refined drafts, creating views from multiple angles to clarify the relationships between parts, and creating blueprints from final drafts.

Elexia Bantum from Georgia works with industrial and packaging engineers to develop, manufacture, and market a product. In order to meet the client's expectations, she analyzes, designs, and builds business/technical solutions. To deliver the project on time, she estimates time and cost to avoid delays. She has the ability and experience to create drawings in both 2 and 3 dimensional forms. She is well-known in the company and among clients for the quality of her designs. In her company, she is ranked among the most responsible and hard-working professionals.

Besides her professional life, she enjoys many other activities in her leisure time. She has a great interest in different sports including basketball, swimming, and tennis. While in school, she was a good basketball player and played varsity basketball for four years. Besides this, she got a rank in discus and shot-put at the state level, and ran track and field. She also actively participated in the Art club and English club.

In her family, Elexia Bantum has her parents and two sisters in Georgia. She is close to her family and prefers to spend quality-time with them whenever possible. She also devotes her time to various charitable activities such as helping the homeless on holidays, teaching mathematics to kids, going to the gym, traveling, playing cards, dominoes and more. Besides this, she likes to play different puzzles as it exercises the brain, walk on nature trails, watch scary movies, and ride bikes.

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